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lola, hamburg w/dorfdisko

the world for a capo! daniel and peer of dorfdisko were a little distraught when we arrived at lola, asking us if we had that sort of device that gets your guitar a different tune. well, actually we didn’t have one. while the rest of .computer.. started unloading the van, torben got in the car with the disko-guys searching for a musical equipment store. a tough task in hamburg-bergedorf, especially when it’s already 7.30 pm! we found a store though. but guess what! it was closed, of course. last chance was to drive to the hotel where dorfdisko resided. and yes, peer found the capo in his room somewhere under his clothes…

back at lola dorfdisko started checking sound, being grateful for the hotel-trip. torben was happy as well as he had avoided carrying all the .computer.. equipment to the stage. when soundcheck was over for .computer.., too, we got into the backstage room to relax a little, have a non-alcoholic drink (na!) and talk to the nice disko-guys.

at about 9.45 pm we got on stage. funny thing about the audience was that several people started sitting down after a few tracks. we played “coming home”, “broken” and “in the air” in front of a literally laid-back audience. even when we started “in prison”, which is a steaming house track, people didn’t stand up. but they gave us quite a hand after the songs. what a relief!

short after that it was dorfdisko time. the guys played many songs of their new album “kurz vor malmo” as well as older smashers. everything went great until a string of peers guitar teared apart. shortly after he had continued playing the same happened to his second guitar. so pesca hurried out to our van to get peer one of his. the disko-guitarist was happy – the show could go on! one song later one could notice he had quite difficulties playing the lent guitar. so pesca went out a second time to get his other one. peer was even more happy and grateful than the first time when pesca arrived with it. dorfdisko could finish their set now. what a funny odyssey!

a big shout goes out to: marki, who supplied us once more with a great sound (“geschmeidig und geil”); stephan who helped us out with his van; enrique; stephan and caro.


pony bar, hamburg w/punk soul loving bill

the first gig in our hometown hamburg stood under a good omen: sun was shining when we headed off to our rehearsal room to pick up the equipment. at 6.30 pm we arrived at pony bar, the little car full of musical instruments and living room furniture. people were relaxing in the shades while having a white coffee and so did we.

a few white coffees later punk soul loving bill, the second band of the evening, startet checking sound in the rear hall of the bar. and so we did.

after having spottet many familiar faces, we startet playing at 9.45 pm doing the opener “coma”, recognizing the audience wasn’t quite used to what we did. but when they heard the first chords of our song “joao”, many people screamed and gave us a hand. what a good feeling! tension had turned into enthusiasm when people wanted us back on stage after “in the air”, last song of the set. so we performed “in prison” as encore and left stage happily.

punk soul loving bill played a great show as well. we enjoyed ourselves, had a drink and talked to old and new friends. when we had brought back equipment to the rehearsal room at about 2 am, we finally had some burgers and ice cream at the reeperbahn.

a big shout goes out to everyone who came see us play. especially to christian of “originalton” and our mixer markus, who did a great job for very low pay!

camouflage, cologne w/ahuizotl

houston, we have a problem.” that’s how the first short message read pesca received that day. sender: torben. subject: hamburg had turned into a winter wonderland. at least 30 cm of snow! beautiful, sure. but there was a trip to cologne to come. the guys of “zaehlen sie die dreiecke” had invited us once more to play at club camouflage. and so we went…

on the icy autobahn somewhere between hamburg and bremen our anxiety turned into excitement – and real anticipation. paul gave us a call all once in a while to hear if we’re still alive…

we arrived without any trouble and started putting our living room furniture on stage, tuning instruments and had a beer. the support act, ahuizotl from cologne, impressed us and the numerous audience with beautiful singer songwriter pop.

at 0.30 we started playing, doing the opener “coma”. stomach ache turned into enthusiasm fast, because the audience seemed to like what we did. even the new songs “forbidden” and the house encore were received well.

résumé: great evening in cologne once more! a big shout goes out to the numerous friends who came to see us play that evening: anna, susi, wiebke, marius, nico, rené and both stephans – thank all of you! very special thanks to alex & roman, the guys who count triangles. you really rule!