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privatclub, berlin w/moonbabies

when we sat down for dinner at markthalle weltrestaurant in kreuzberg, there was no “schweinebraten”. instead the staff served us, the moonbabies and their crew spaetzle and bacon. we enjoyed the tasty meal sitting in the place where “herr lehmann”, a popular german movie, had been shot. supplied with an extra-portion of “elektrolyte” we played a 50 minutes set at the privatclub, which is situated under the restaurant, and afterwards watched the moonbabies.

our good friend robert had made it to the gig, too. he was suffering from a bad flu before and couldn’t supply us with visuals in munich, leipzig and hamburg. as the privatclub had no beamer, robert couldn’t do his job in berlin either. but we were just glad that he had recovered. another surprise for us was that andré had come to watch the gig. that brought funny memories of the tour with sometree back into our minds, as andré had been the manager then.

it was the last gig for the moonbabies in germany that evening. so we sat together ‘til five or so in the morning and talked – mainly about “knoedel” and how to make them (ola!). when it was time to leave, everybody was convinced that privatclub had been a nice tour-finale, even without the presence of “herr lehmann”.

thanks: everybody @ privatclub and markthalle weltrestaurant, moonbabies (carina, ola, per and hendrik), ralf and andré of 2fortheroad


nato, leipzig w/moonbabies

what an arrival in leipzig! as the nato has once been a cinema, there is a huge billboard above the entrance. and guess what it said? “moonbabies” and “computer” stood there in big black letters. first thing we did was take a photo of course…

while the friendly staff prepared an italian dinner for us, we played a 50 minutes set with new songs from the forthcoming album “give me a frame”. “1800 (frozen to death)” and “care about me” were highly acclaimed by the audience. being content with the show, we afterwards sat down and watched the moonbabies. as smoking was prohibited in the concert hall, some of us stayed at the merch stall talking to people and sipping cold drinks. we spent the night at a friends and headed off to berlin the next morning. thank you, leipzig! we’d love to come back soon…

thanks: everybody @ nato, moonbabies + crew, anna-lena + jule

merkker, ch-baden w/sometree

what a great night in beautiful luzern! we did a shopping tour for drinks in the evening and then went back to the flat, where the sometrees and us should sleep. together with their nice friends we prepared some delicious pasta and salad, and afterwards chilled a little on the roof of their house. from there, though it was dark, you could see the red lights on the mountain tops surrounding luzern. very impressive!

past midnight, björn and us left the house to check on luzern’s nightlife. when we finally realized that six euros for a small beer was quite a lot, it was too late. so we returned to the flat to have a sleep.
the next day we went to baden. we felt a little sad as it was the last day of our support-tour for sometree. after a real delicious dinner with steak and all sorts of pasta at the “merkker” we got on stage. the atmosphere was nice as steffi provided us once more with great light and andy made a cool sound. the audience liked the tunes as well so that after the gig we sold a bunch of stuff at the merch stall.

everybody in .computer.. wanted to watch sometree play for a last time, so we stood in front of stage at their gig. after the show we had a beer together trading shirts and cd’s, laughing and having a great time. at the hostel, we ignored the unknown and perfectly drunken guy laying on a bed in our room fully clothed and snoring.

thank you’s: sometree + crew; everybody at “merkker”; everyone somehow involved in the past 14 days! thanks!

salzhaus, ch-winterthur w/sometree

we arrived at the border past noon. though our rental car was quite packed with equipment we had no difficulties crossing over to switzerland. but the sometrees had! officers were frisking their van systematically doing a customs examination. and they were not only looking for records and shirts… so we waited about two hours at the nearest gas station, arguing if it was ok for mid-twenties to buy a “bravo” magazine. when the sometrees finally were allowed to cross the border we headed off to winterthur in a rush.

everybody was nice at the “salzhaus”. when we had unloaded the van, we chilled at the bar having latte macchiato. after dinner we got on the sparely illuminated stage and started the first chords of “coma”. though he couldn’t turn up the volume too much, andy, the mixer of sometree, provided us with a great sound. when the set was over and the sometrees had played, too, we hung around at the merch stall talking and simply enjoying the evening.

later andré, the tour manager, took us to some gym where they had rooms and beds for us to sleep. the next morning all of us went into the city centre to find a place to have breakfast. with well stuffed stomachs (“broetli” and “gipfli” in there) we headed off to luzern, where we would spend the off-day at a friend of sometree´s.

thank you’s: sometree + crew; everybody at salzhaus

das haus, ludwigshafen w/sometree

we checked in at hotel excelsior in the afternoon and were quite stunned: the first ever hotel room booked for .computer..! we chilled a while on white sheets and then headed off to “das haus”, a cultural centre situated only a few hundred metres away. after dinner the room had filled and so we went on stage.

when we started, steffi, a guy of the sometree crew, provided us with great white and red light. what a nice atmosphere to play! we enjoyed the 40 minute set and were happy to see the audience doing the same. after sometree had finished the last chords we packed things and went to the hotel again.

from the roof of the tower we had a great view over ludwigshafen and mannheim. we stood there quite a long time with the sometrees, philosophizing about touring and life. then we went to our room and had a few drinks before laying down to sleep. the next morning we should head off to switzerland. yeah!! .computer.. abroad for the first time!!

thank you’s: sometree + crew; everybody at das haus

cat, ulm w/sometree

we enjoyed the evening in karlsruhe sitting in a beautiful garden and chilling with of some of sometree’s friends. with loaded batteries – but quite afraid because of the broken ibook – we headed off to ulm the next afternoon. when we arrived we found it difficult to find the cat-club, which is a real hidden walls somewhere at the university campus.

after having some delicious chinese food it was stage time. the cat had filled quite well and we looked forward to a nice gig, not yet knowing what lay ahead… we were about to strike the first chords of “coma” when suddenly the laptop-pc stopped working. so we stood on stage quite tensed, figuring out what was the problem and trying to look perfectly relaxed though we weren’t at all. after a five minutes wait we had almost everything under control again. lucky no one had thrown any rotten vegetables or empty bottles at us we started playing anew. though paul had some further problems, the set turned out to be highly acclaimed by the audience. thank you lot so much…

after the show we talked to people at the merch stall and listened to the beautiful sometrees. we left club past midnight heading off for another cat: it belonged to a friend of the club-owner where we spent the night. by the way: the cats name was luzifer. poor purring thing!

thank you’s: sometree + crew; everybody at cat; everybody who cared for us in karlsruhe and ulm; luzifer

circus maximus, koblenz w/sometree

the circus maximus in koblenz is a nice café with a concert room in the basement. when soundcheck was done, we had some delicious salad and lasagne and waited for showtime. we were the first band of the evening and played a set of five songs with “joao”, “transport” and the sometree cover “nosebleed” in the middle. the people liked it so that after the show many came to the merch stall and had a word with us…

local hero dave de bourg, a singer/songwriter from koblenz, was next. with his acoustic guitar and a likeable behaviour he won sympathies in a rush. while sometree did a great set once more we met some friends from koblenz, had a drink and talked.

when everybody was gone, we headed off to sleep at hoffi’s. he’s a nice guy – but with only a few door handles in his apartment. he uses one for two different doors by changing them depending on which room he wants to enter. that made us being locked next morning in his living room. after intensive knocking and shouting hoffi saved us with a handle.

next day was an off-day. we went back to the circus, where the staff had prepared a nice breakfast for us and the sometrees. we spent half the day at the venue as there were changes in the sometree crew to come. when the sometrees had left for karlsruhe to spend the night, we got into quite a big trouble: paul’s ibook broke down, suddenly simply freezing. as .computer.. is indeed quite computer-depending, we had to transfer ableton live (the program we work with) to a laptop-pc. hoping it would work and we could play the show in ulm next day, we headed off to karlsruhe…

thank you’s: sometree + crew; andreas, robert and everybody at circus maximus; hoffi; lena, pia and laura