computer fly. and their airship is a computer. sounds strange? yes. but you will get to know the story behind it all.

pesca never knew how to read sheet music.the songwriter autodidactically taught himself to play the guitar back in the nineties. this suited him for quite a while, until he started experimenting with electronic music in hamburg clubs. becoming excited with these experiences he decided to put the guitar aside and started with programming beats and basslines as well as experimenting with synths.

he finally ended up with a computer. with this machine, pesca found the source to imitate any instrument. it also enabled him to translate sounds into sheet music when he needed real instruments, for instance. today the computer has become the most important instrument of – well, computer.

together with electronic artist paul and bass player torben, pesca started creating new sounds. not on the ground – but in great heights! for their second record “pilots“, the band has built a giant computer with airscrews. with this machine they are about to fly from place to place and get to meet people and their stories.

well this story is fiction of course. but that’s what computer aim at: creating their own fantastic world, busting frontiers in thinking, go for new horizons!

the bands lyrics are inspired by the daily life and by various kinds of human beings and their ways. pesca sings in english, as he considers himself being a citizen of the world. born in brazil he grew up in italy. he lives in germany at the moment. but pesca wants everybody around the globe to understand his lyrics.

computer’s preference for fresh and contemporary sounds and the love for retro music creates their own musical universe. many of you would call it pop. and that’s what this is.

pesca – vocals, guitars, programmings
torben – bass, vocals, synths
paul – programmings, synths, laptop performance


2 responses to “Info

  • gerda

    hi, i was wondering when you will be playing in berlin again :D?


    • computer

      hi gerda! unfortunately, there are no dates in berlin at the moment. keep checking this site or our facebook… but actually there will be a party with our friends juho kahilainen and robert heel on saturday 7th march @ lupita. we’ll be there, too. let’s have a drink together if you want. all the best, torben & cmptr

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