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watch out for b-sights!

in the past few weeks, we’ve been flying around again in our airship. (you know, when you have an airship, you’re going to use it whenever you can.) up in the sky, we created new sounds, worked on a couple of tracks and even filmed a short video clip. (all of which you’re soon going to hear and see!) while doing this, the leaves turned brown, which inspired us to give you a soundtrack for the fall: it’s called “b-sights”.

“b-sights” contains (make a guess!) b-sides, interpretations and remixes. starting off with a sweet “cherry rockets” remix by our own jan hertz, the compilation is going to grow bit by bit. you can download it now on computer.bandcamp.com.


wie wir zu piloten wurden…

wir haben für euch aufgeschrieben, wie unser neues album “pilots” entstanden ist. was das für ein merkwürdiges luftschiff auf dem cover ist. warum ein kettcar-gitarrist auf “pilots” akkordion spielt. weshalb es drei jahre gedauert hat, bis das album fertig war. was einer unserer songs in schweden gemacht hat. und warum wir in der zwischenzeit “computerpilots” hießen.

hier erfahrt ihr es: die entstehung von pilots

download “cherry rockets” for free

we have a surprise for you! you can now download our song “cherry rockets” from the upcoming album “pilots” at computer.bandcamp.com.! the other songs will be for download in one week, on 20th may. but you can already listen…